Mr. Pave

Our Customers.

Mr. Pave is committed not only to innovation and efficiency but also to a client-centered approach. Our focus is on fostering communication, comprehending your individual requirements, and providing tailor-made solutions. Our paramount objective is your satisfaction, and our team is poised to surpass your expectations by going above and beyond. Some of our customers include:

Gas Companies

We have extensive experience working with gas pipelines, distribution systems, and other components of gas infrastructure, allowing us to provide specialized patch and restoration services tailored to the needs of gas companies.

Fiber Lines

We offer solutions that address the specific challenges and requirements of Fiber Companies infrastructure, ensuring quality and durability.

Municipalities /Public Utilities

Mr. Pave develops customized solutions to address the municipality’s specific infrastructure needs, prioritizing cost-effective approach to ensure that the restoration and patch work projects meet budgetary constraints while delivering quality results. In addition to addressing immediate infrastructure needs, Mr. Pave works with municipalities to develop long-term maintenance plans.


We repair potholes, cracks, and surface damage to extend the lifespan of business parking lots and maintain a safety environment for employees and clients.